Creative painting on rice field

2021-09-24 Editor:Li Yuxin

(ECNS) -- "It 's like painting on the earth and drawing with rice sheaves."

Creative paintings on 107 ha rice field have shown features of the time and characteristics of different regions in Zunhua, Hebei Province.

"Painters" set markers in the land at first and then grew rice on the specific positions.

They created an elegant and agile artistic image of "Goddess Nuwa repairing the broken sky".

This field teems with purple, yellow, white and green rice, presenting a landscape map with culture as its essence and land as its scroll.

The Yufeng Rice Professional Cooperative was "harvesting" the "giant panda" painted in the rice field in Helin Village, Wanchun Town, Sichuan Province.

As the harvester started to circle from the edge of the field, the "giant panda" gradually disappeared.


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