Shanxi palace lantern maker keeps the traditional craft alive

2021-09-24 Editor:Li Yuxin

(ECNS) -- Feng Huailin, a palace lantern maker from Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, was busy making traditional palace lanterns Wednesday.

Palace lantern, originated in the Han Dynasty (202 BCE–220 AD)and became prosperous in Sui and Tang Dynasties (581-907), is made from a wooden frame with cloth, glass and auspicious patterns decorated on it.

Based on traditional palace lantern, Jiangzhou palace lantern has incorporated Chinese art elements like papercut and blue-and-white porcelain so as to satisfy modern people.

Feng inherited the palace lantern making craft from his grandfather and his father who is a good carver and who knows well about the tenon structure respectively.

He has learnt drawing, calligraphy, carving and other skills and applied them to palace lanterns.

An ordinary palace lantern requires about 20 procedures including material selection, design, polishing, hollowing out, etc.

Feng is picky in materials selection and pursues for exquisite carving. Jiangzhou palace lantern has been enlisted as a intangible cultural heritage of Yuncheng city.


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