Shanghai issues subsidy polices to renewable energy projects

2022-11-24 Editor:Zhao Li

(ECNS) -- Shanghai issued a notice about targeted subsidies for renewable energy projects to be put into operation from 2022-2026, aiming to support renewable energy and new energy development, according to the local government on Thursday.

Offshore wind power projects with an offshore distance of 50 kilometers or more will be awarded 500 yuan per kWh ($69.97 per kWh). The annual reward of a single project does not exceed 50 million yuan ($7 million), according to the notice.

Conventional photovoltaic projects and power stations will be awarded 0.1 yuan per kWh,

distributed photovoltaic projects in schools that pay in resident household electricity price will be awarded 0.12 yuan per kWh, and other distributed photovoltaic will be awarded a standard 0.05 yuan per kWh.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic project will be awarded 0.3 yuan per kWh.

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