China unveils measures to secure fiscal support for construction of national parks

2022-09-29 Xinhua Editor:Zhang Dongfang

China has introduced a raft of measures to guarantee fiscal support for building a nature reserve system with national parks at its heart.

A fiscal guarantee system will be basically established by 2025 and the system will be improved by 2035, according to a guideline from the Ministry of Finance and the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

The fiscal support will mainly go to ecosystem protection and restoration, building and operation of national parks, coordinated development of national parks, scientific research and science popularization, as well as international cooperation and social participation.

The expenditure responsibilities of the central and local governments will be specified, and fiscal input will be increased. A compensation system for ecological protection will be established and improved, detailed preferential tax policies will be implemented, and an innovative and diversified fund-raising mechanism will be explored, according to the guideline.

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