5,000 village students in Sichuan get free haircuts

2021-10-09 Ecns.cn Editor:Chen Tianhao

(ECNS) -- On a playground of a boarding elementary school in Rangtang County of Sichuan Province, kids are looking forward to cool hairstyles around a table.

The voluntary haircuts were given out by a seven-member teacher team set up by Yang Cheng, a volunteer teacher here since September 2020.

“Most of the children live far from here, and it’s very inconvenient for them to have their hair cut,” said Yang, “I hope they can study and live at school in a clean and beautiful way.”

"Some volunteer teachers didn’t even know how to cut hair, so we just learned from online videos during our spare time," Yang said, adding that "we even practiced cutting each other’s hair."

Finally, all the teachers became skilled, even mastering some advanced techniques.

The team started giving out free haircuts every weekend at schools and in villages nearby after purchasing scissors, combs, and hair clippers on their own. "In this way, we can not only fix their haircut problems but help kids form good hygiene habits," said Hu Zonglin, a member of the team.

Since its inception, the team has provided free haircuts for nearly 5,000 students and villagers. “They frequently come here and cut our hair since last semester,” said a student, “I like them very much, and I wanna say ‘Thank you’ to them!”

Volunteer teachers is cutting a student's hair. (Photo: China News Service/Liu Xiaoyi)
A volunteer teacher is cutting a student's hair. (Photo: China News Service/Liu Xiaoyi)

Apart from giving out free haircuts, the team also joined the “Loving Parents” team to one-on-one help students in poverty, orphans, and those unable to go home at weekends. The team gives those students free stationery, teaches them how to wash their hair, clothes, and themselves, so they can have a home-like feeling.

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