China box office hits new high since COVID-19 outbreak

2020-08-21 Xinhua Editor:Cheng Zizhuo

Driven by the formal release of war epic film "The Eight Hundred," the daily China box office sales on Friday crossed the 100 million yuan (about 14 million U.S. dollars) mark.

The figure is a new high for the daily China box office receipts since movie theaters started to reopen on July 20 after months-long closures amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

As of 7:30 p.m. Friday, box office sales in the country totaled more than 120 million, to which "The Eight Hundred" contributed over 100 million, showed data compiled by Maoyan, a movie-ticketing and film data platform.

"The Eight Hundred" won applause from moviegoers and critics alike after preview screenings began on Aug. 14 in China where it was formally released Friday.

The film has so far grossed more than 300 million yuan in China.

Directed by Guan Hu, "The Eight Hundred" shows Chinese soldiers defending a warehouse against the invading Japanese army during the Battle of Shanghai in 1937.

Shot entirely with IMAX cameras, it is the first major Chinese film to be shown in the country's theaters since the COVID-19 outbreak.

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