Number of short video users exceeds 820m in 2019

2020-01-15 Editor:Jing Yuxin

The number of short video users has exceeded 820 million in a market size of 200 billion, Sina Finance reported on Wednesday.

The revenue of China's short video market is expected to reach 211.03 billion yuan ($30.62 billion) in 2020, as the industry is entering a mature stage in commercialization after eight years' development, market research and consulting group iResearch said.

Online celebrity Li Ziqi topped the short video talents list in terms of comprehensive index, followed by Li Jiaqi, a well-known influencer who first made his name selling lipstick on Taobao, according to the 2019 Tencent Video Annual Index Report released by Tencent.

A short video posted by Li Ziqi can be viewed 17 million times in one night and its highest number of views can reach 300 million, backed by 22 million followers on Weibo and more than 7 million followers on YouTube.

Li Jiaqi made 1 billion sales on Double 11, the Nov 11 online shopping extravaganza, in 2019, surpassing the sales revenue of many cities' shopping malls for one year, the report said.

The internet celebrity economy is undoubtedly the most popular concept stock in the internet e-commerce field. The short video, which is closely related to the internet economy, has entered the second half of the game with brutal competition.

Short videos will continue to be entertaining, and leisure, humor, life skills, and short live video news are still the main goals for short video platform users in China.

An increasing number of content makers realize micro-TV series and variety shows can increase click rates, and more users would like to watch interesting and fan short videos with more information, the report said.

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