Body of man who jumped off Mount Huashan retrieved

2018-07-29 14:47:16 CGTN Li Yan

The body of a man who jumped off the cliff of Mount Huashan in northwest China's Shaanxi Province was retrieved on Friday, reported China Youth Daily.

The man jumped off from the mountain on Tuesday while hiking on the Plank Walk in the Sky, one of the most dangerous trails in the world featuring a narrow route on steep ridges over 2,100 meters (7,000 feet) high in the air.

On Thursday, the resort officially reported the incident, releasing footage from a surveillance video. As shown in the footage, a man in a light gray shirt suddenly untied his safety rope in the middle of the trail and jumped off the cliff at about 16:00. Many visitors witnessed the incident. 

A rescue operation was launched soon afterwards. The body was retrieved on Friday, according to China Youth Daily.

Initial conclusions point to suicide, though further investigation is still underway to determine his identity and reason for the act.

While talking about the rescue, staff at the resort also mentioned the risk and danger of working in the wild mountain area, highlighting the complicated landforms including vertical ascents and descents as well as limited visibility caused by plants and thick fog. “Accidents usually happen under the cliffs and precipitous crags. They are unreachable even for professional rescue teams,” says a staff member.

The Plank Walk in the Sky is temporarily closed. It has been reported that the resort is working on improving its safety protocol, including implementing a tighter patrolling schedule and real-name visitor registration at the entrance to the mountain.

One of the Five Great Mountains in China, Mount Huashan is famous for its dangerous paths and has a long history of religious significance. The Plank Walk in the Sky was believed to be established by Taoist priests over 700 years ago during the Yuan Dynasty.

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