China enters top 10 in innovation

2023-11-24 Editor:Li Yan

A recently released report indicated that China's comprehensive innovation capability has risen to the 10th position globally, further cementing the nation's status as a rising leading innovative nation.

The report released by the China Academy of Science and Technology For Development on Tuesday shows that the global innovation landscape maintains a tripartite balance among Asia, America, and Europe, with a more noticeable trend of the shift of technology and innovation centers toward the East from the West.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the report selected 40 countries comparable to China as evaluation subjects, with their total research and development investment accounting for over 95 percent of the global total and their combined GDP representing more than 85 percent of the world's total.

The report constructed an evaluation system from five dimensions: innovation resources, knowledge creation, corporate innovation, innovation performance, and innovation environment, using statistical survey data from countries and international organizations.

The results indicated that in 2023, China's national innovation index ranks 10th in the world, making it the only developing country entering the top 15.

The report suggested that, in pursuit of the goal of becoming a technology powerhouse, China needs to further increase investment in innovation resources, comprehensively deepen reforms in the science and technology system, optimize the innovation and entrepreneurship environment, and more effectively support and lead the country's high-quality development.

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