China to increase efforts in computing power

2023-10-09 Editor:Li Yan

Visitors check out and take pictures of Huawei Pangu meteorological model during the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai on July 8. (CHINA DAILY)

China will step up efforts to build its computing power, which will give the country an edge in building up its digital economy and injecting new vitality into the intelligent transformation of its industries, according to a new plan unveiled on Monday.

The plan, released by ministries including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said the country aims to have its total computing power reach 300 EFLOPS by 2025.

EFLOPS is a unit of the speed of computer systems. It equals to one quintillion floating-point operations per second.

Now, China's total computing power has reached 197 EFLOPS, which places it second after the US, the ministry said earlier.

The plan also said China aims to beef up the push to hone its storage capabilities in areas such as storage technology, storage industry and storage network collaboration.

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