Chinese embassies, consulates stand ready to help overseas Taiwan compatriots: spokesperson

2022-08-19 Xinhua Editor:Xue Lingqiao

Overseas Taiwan compatriots can contact and seek help from Chinese embassies and consulates when they encounter difficulties, a Chinese mainland spokesperson said Friday.

Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, made the remarks in response to a query concerning media reports that some people in Taiwan were lured to work in Cambodia where they suffered imprisonment and physical abuse.

Taiwan compatriots are Chinese citizens, Ma said, adding that the safety and legitimate rights and interests of overseas Taiwan compatriots have always been paid great importance.

Ma said that the motherland has always rendered firm support to Taiwan compatriots, offering assistance in issuance of consular documents, handling civil disputes, economic and criminal cases in foreign countries, and emergency evacuation.

The Democratic Progressive Party authorities in Taiwan have been taking a passive attitude toward people's calls to protect their legitimate rights and interests, and have even attempted to fabricate lies to shift the blame to the mainland, Ma said.

This reveals that they disregard the safety, interests and well-being of the people in Taiwan and engage in political manipulation, inciting confrontation and deceiving the people, Ma added. 

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