Comicomment: What's behind American democracy

2021-12-12 Editor:Liu Yimeng

(ECNS)-- The United States has convened a so-called "Summit for Democracy," neglecting its own poor record in terms of democracy: "One dollar, one vote" prevails in U.S. politics, as the rich count for more. Gun violence intensified since gun control is always under debate. Minority group is still living under the shadow of the "I can't breathe" tragedy, while native Americans are even called "invisible minority."American democracy, like a fine robe, is covered with fleas.

The so-called "Summit for Democracy" categorized countries into "democratic" and "undemocratic" ones, but the criteria of classification are murky, that the "obedient" countries serving U.S. interests are awarded the "democratic medal," while those "not as compliant" are blackened. For the relations between the U.S. and those invited partners, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, "It is a sovereign-vassals type of relationship."

When the U.S. holds high the flag of "democracy," it should first reflect on its notorious records marked in the history. His followers should also sharpen their eyes at the dollar-dominated interests behind its motivation and stop being fooled.

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