Chinese Foreign Ministry lodges solemn representation to BBC regarding fake reports on China

2021-03-19 Editor:Zhang Dongfang


(ECNS) -- The Information Department of the Foreign Ministry of China has lodged solemn representations to the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) stationed in Beijing, on fabricating and broadcasting fake news on "forced labor" in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and "restriction of press freedom" in China by BBC World News and the report titled The Disinformation Dragon by BBC Radio 4.

An official from the Information Department pointed out BBC holds strong ideological bias in its reports on China, repeatedly hypes false information about China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong Special Administration Region, and even fabricates fake news. Both the Foreign Ministry and Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom have lodged solemn representations to the headquarters of the BBC and its branch stationed in Beijing. However, BBC has not only failed to amend its mistakes, but also further intensified the situation, smearing and attacking China with false reports around issues like Xinjiang, so-called "press freedom" and "disinformation", which has severely misled the audience, violated the professional ethics of journalism, and caused a baneful influence. The Chinese side is strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposes such behavior.

The official said BBC's repeated false reports on China are strongly opposed by the Chinese people, adding that the Chinese side hopes BBC takes China's solemn representations seriously, gives up its ideological bias against China and double standards, stop smearing, discrediting and attacking China, and reports on China objectively, fairly and accurately.

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