U.S. House Judiciary Committee holds its first hearing in Trump impeachment inquiry

2019-12-05 Xinhua Editor:Zhao Yuning

The Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee is holding its first public hearing on Wednesday after taking over an impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump.

"We cannot wait for the election to address the present crisis," Chairman Jerry Nadler said in his opening remarks. "If it is true that President Trump has committed an impeachable offense - or impeachable offenses - then we must move swiftly to do our duty and charge him accordingly."

Ranking Member Doug Collins lashed out at Democrats, accusing them of having tried to impeach Trump since he was elected, while the top Republican on the panel claimed the impeachment inquiry is driven by "the clock and the calendar" rather than "the facts."

Their remarks were followed by opening statements from four constitutional law professors who will later take questions from lawyers and lawmakers from both parties.

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