British democracy has become a farce

2019-11-06 China Daily Editor:Mo Hong'e

Editor's Note: The United Kingdom will hold an early election on Dec 12 to try and get a breakthrough in the Brexit impasse. Xiakedao, a WeChat account owned by People's Daily Overseas Edition, comments: 

The new prime minister is expected to be chosen between Boris Johnson, the leader of the ruling Conservative Party who is an avid supporter of Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of opposition Labour Party, who has said he will hold a second referendum on whether to remain in the European Union if he wins.

From the referendum which voted for the United Kingdom to leave the EU on June 23, 2016, to the first postponement of Brexit to Oct 31, 2019, and the second postponement to Jan 31, 2020, Britain has experienced endless political wrangling. Under the prism of "Brexit", the struggles between government and Parliament, between political parties, within political parties, among the public, between elites and grassroots, and between central and local governments have been amplified. There has been one farce after another in which various political forces are intertwined and even the queen has not been immune to this seemingly endless political game.

Everyone knows that the early election is a gamble, given that it will bring great risks to the ruling Conservative Party. If Johnson loses, that will give the Labour Party a chance to come into power and also provide other small parties with a chance to form a coalition government. The internal rifts among the main political parties caused by Brexit also make it impossible for the government to control Parliament through internal control of the ruling party. At the same time, Brexit has led to rising approval rating and support for other radical small parties, whose weight is expected to increase in future elections.

Meanwhile, a growing number of people in Scotland wish to acquire immunity from the English disease by putting an end to the Union and regaining Scotland's independence.

It is expected that, if British politicians fail to resolve the unfinished business of Brexit, the UK will continue to be trapped in the double predicament of political chaos and economic turmoil.

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