Radical protesters responsible for violence in Hong Kong, expert says

2019-08-28 10:42:16 Xinhua Gu Liping

Radical protesters should be held responsible for the violence in Hong Kong, a senior Myanmar expert on international studies has said.

The "one country, two systems" principle is of constructive significance for regional and global peace, stability and economic development, and the current situation in Hong Kong should be blamed on plotters of the demonstrations and those who destroy peace and create chaos, said U Khin Maung Lynn, joint secretary of the Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies.

The situation in Hong Kong impacts China and the region, U Khin Maung Lynn told Xinhua in a recent interview. "We are also watching it closely. China, like Myanmar, had been under British oppression before. Chinese leaders formulated the policy of 'one country, two systems,' which multilaterally benefits the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and the whole region."

He said that under the principle of "one country, two systems," Hong Kong has been developing increasingly better, promoting the development of Hong Kong and also that of Shenzhen, Macao and other areas connected with Hong Kong. "When violent demonstrations take place, I express regret and hope the issue will be resolved in a peaceful way."

"The Hong Kong people certainly want peace, stability and economic development," the expert added. "China also wants Hong Kong to develop. The blame for the current situation rests primarily with those who instigated the demonstrators, saboteurs of peace and those who deliberately created chaos. The rule of law is needed everywhere and I condemn illegal violence."

Speaking of Western media coverage, U Khin Maung Lynn said that when some conflicts occur in Myanmar, Western media always make some exaggerated reports or even create fake ones for desired effects, and they often turn a blind eye to positive and correct things.

Western media mislead the outside world by such means, which is a moral misconduct, he said.

As to violent demonstrations, U Khin Maung Lynn said the police have anti-violence programs and should control the demonstrators who cause violence. It is the police's duty to protect people's property and enforce the law, he added.

"The Hong Kong issue is China's internal affair...The situation will become more complicated if outsiders intervene, as Myanmar has first-hand experience," U Khin Maung Lynn said. "We hope China will develop. China is a friendly neighbor of Myanmar and the two countries have paukphaw (fraternal) friendship."

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