Xinjiang's vocational education and training contributes to int'l actions against terrorism, extremism: white paper

2019-08-16 13:25:27 Xinhua Mo Hong'e

The vocational education and training programs carried out in China's Xinjiang have achieved notable results and contributed experience to international actions against terrorism and extremism, said a white paper issued Friday by the State Council Information Office.

The programs featured fighting extremism in accordance with local conditions, putting prevention first while taking firm action on terrorism and extremism, promoting the rule of law, and respecting and protecting human rights, according to the document titled Vocational Education and Training in Xinjiang.

In countering terrorism and extremism, Xinjiang draws on the experience of other countries, and provides people influenced by terrorist and religious extremist teachings with education in standard spoken and written Chinese, an understanding of the law, and training in vocational skills, according to the white paper.

These efforts have eradicated extremist thoughts, delivered widely recognized results, helped to safeguard social stability in the region, and protected the environment for the healthy development of religions, the white paper said.

The practice of educating and rehabilitating the victims of terrorist and religious extremist teachings through vocational education and training centers in Xinjiang is similar to efforts by other countries and regions, with the same goals of dealing with the problem at source and protecting people's basic human rights, the white paper said, citing examples from other countries.

The goal of Xinjiang's efforts in vocational education and training is to eliminate the sources of terrorism and religious extremism, and this is an action that aims to respect and protect human rights, the white paper said.

"Some people, for reasons of ideological prejudice or other ulterior motives, are doing all they can to blacken the reputation of Xinjiang's vocational education and training centers. Their censure of Xinjiang's huge effort in countering terrorism and extremism will be firmly rejected by the Xinjiang people," read the document.

A number of countries, organizations and individuals apply double standards in their approach to terrorism and extremism, which will in effect shield and incite terrorism and extremism, the white paper said.

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