Nothing wrong with roly-poly panda, zoo says

2020-09-10 Editor:Li Yan

A 3-year-old panda named Fu Xing, or Lucky Star, at the Beijing Zoo has attracted public attention recently because it's losing fur on its head.

Some people worry that medical help may be needed. But the zoo announced on Wednesday that the panda has no injury or infection. It just likes to roll on the ground a bit too much.

A visitor recorded the bear rolling six times in eight minutes on Aug 1 and six times in 10 minutes on Aug 2.

Zhang Chenglin, deputy head of the zoo, said keepers have noticed the antics of Fu Xing and provided a medical checkup, which turned up nothing abnormal.

"For a 3-year old panda, it's common that it likes to roll and play. People don't need to worry," Zhang said.

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