Postman comes across wild giant panda on his way to work

2019-04-18 16:32:50 Global Times Li Yan

A postal worker in Northwest China encountered a wild giant panda on his way to work and after glaring at each other for seconds, the panda ran into the forest on Sunday.

Ma Xiaojun, from Zhouzhi county, Shaanxi Province, was riding his motorbike to work when he noticed the panda strolling along the roadside brush, and recorded the encounter on his phone. 

At first Ma couldn't believe the animal was actually a rare wild giant panda, but when he got closer, their meeting included eye-to-eye contact.

Ma said he was very excited when he realized he was within a dozen meters of the bear. His video shows him offering a friendly greeting. "Hello panda," he says sweetly. 

Ma said he has come across many other wild animals on the way to work over the past 24 years. "Bears, deer, wild boars and poisonous snakes, I often see these animals. But this is the first time I've seen a panda. It is so rare," he said.

Many netizens were envious of Ma's panda experience and offered lots of advice.  One commented that wild pandas rarely roam into Shaanxi Province and said Ma should have tried talking to the panda in Sichuan dialect. 

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