Vlogger in Wuhan captures stories of ordinary heroes

2020-02-13 Global Times Editor:Li Yan

(Photo/Screenshot of the video posted by user VanceYMJ on Weibo about stories of ordinary heroes amid outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan)

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus seemed to hit pause somehow in the vibrant city of Wuhan in Central China's Hubei Province. Yet there still are some ordinary people from different walks of life protecting the city by going above and beyond at their jobs at such a difficult time.

Couriers, cleaners, convenient store owners … a Vlogger has captured their hard work, evoking netizens' respect for these ordinary heroes.

The video was posted Wednesday on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo by user VanceYMJ, whose real name is Yan Mingjun. Yan is a 27-year-old DJ at a local radio station. He went into the city's deserted streets on Thursday when it was cold and rainy.

"At first, some people didn't understand why I chose to be a food delivery driver," said Zhang Ao, who is from Suizhou, another city in Hubei Province. "Especially now, I don't think my job is something to be looked down upon."

Zhang said that people would greet him and tell him to stay strong when seeing him riding his scooter on the street making deliveries, and some customers would offer him masks, which were not easy to get, since they believed Zhang needed them more than they did.

"If we all give up, how can life continue in this city?" said Zhang.

Yan also went to a package delivery station with two hospitals nearby. The station had five people working there compared to the usual number of 10. "It's very busy here. Our head manager has to do the deliveries himself since we are short-staffed now."

With work starting at 7am and lasting till 9 or 10pm, the couriers don't have much time to stop for meals. "I'm rather nervous [about being infected by the virus] during deliveries," said Luo Zongping, a 34-year-old courier, who was gulping down instant noodles at the station with packages piling up behind him.

"But we have to deliver the packages to people who are in need," he said. "Sometimes our hearts are warmed by the recipients as well. They thank us sincerely for doing our job during such a difficult time."

"I think the situation in Wuhan isn't as scary as some people imagine. People are working together with one mind … We can do this," said Luo with a heartfelt smile.

Many netizens were touched by the video, commending it as rather healing. "It is soothing me and drives my anxiety away."

"They also have their own families that they cannot be reunited with currently," wrote another netizen in the video's comments section. "We can't say thank you enough to show our gratitude. Hope everything will be fine soon. Stay strong, Wuhan!"

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