Hong Kong has motherland's resolute backing to triumph over epidemic

2020-08-03 Xinhua Editor:Jing Yuxin

The raging COVID-19 epidemic situation in Hong Kong has always been cared about by the central government.

At the request of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government, the central government has decided to send testing personnel to Hong Kong to help with mass nucleic acid testing and assist the city in building temporary quarantine and treatment centers.

The central government has voiced its understanding of and support for the HKSAR government's decision to postpone the Legislative Council election due to the worsening epidemic situation.

Since its return to the motherland in 1997, Hong Kong, with resolute support of the central government, has continued to overcome challenges in its quest for development and made remarkable achievements.

To tackle the deteriorating COVID-19 situation aggravated by a new outbreak wave since July, the HKSAR government has requested support from the central government.

Thus, the central government has been taking concrete actions to solve the urgent problems plaguing Hong Kong, injecting strong impetus into Hong Kong's fight against the epidemic.

On Sunday, seven members of a newly established nucleic acid testing team from the mainland arrived in the HKSAR to assist in laboratory work. Besides, a support team for makeshift hospitals has also been assembled on the mainland.

The full support of the central government has provided a solid guarantee for the fight against COVID-19 in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong will always have the motherland's strong backing to overcome the epidemic and all future challenges.

With the constant support of the central government and active assistance of all sectors of the mainland, Hong Kong, under the leadership of the HKSAR chief executive and government, will vanquish the epidemic soon. 

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