HK screens inspirational celebratory film

2022-06-24 China Daily Editor:Li Yan

A poster of the film Look Up that celebrates the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover hangs in a cinema in the city on Thursday. (CALVIN NG/CHINA DAILY)

Hong Kong people have a new option to mark the anniversary of the city's return-a celebratory film themed around ordinary people chasing their dreams over the past quarter-century. The film's screening citywide was on Thursday.

The film, entitled Look Up, includes four stories, featuring a young artist with autism and obsessive compulsive disorder who regains his confidence and creates works in his unique style; an adult son who gradually understands and reconciles with his father; a pop singer who becomes a Cantonese opera star; and a young Nepali man who suffers from discrimination but strives to become a professional lion dancer.

In addition to the struggles of ordinary people, the film puts a lens on the drastic changes in Hong Kong society since the handover.

The film was presented by four local emerging directors, Daniel Chan Yee-heng, Tim Poon Tsz-yin, Hau Chor-fung and Yip Chinghang, under the supervision of veteran producer John Chong Ching, who has produced numerous blockbusters, such as the Infernal Affairs trilogy.

Chong said the four directors are good at different topics and their works present various styles, which increased the difficulty making the film. They also have limited experience as directors.

Yet Chong still chose them for the project, as he held that it's important to offer more opportunities to aspiring talent in a bid to extend the glory of Hong Kong's movie industry.

The film was co-produced by four major Hong Kong film corporations-Bauhinia Culture Holdings Limited's Sil-Metropole Organization, Emperor Motion Pictures, Media Asia Film and One Cool Film Production.

Shooting began in January and was affected by the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the difficulties, the filming was successfully completed.

Speaking at the premiere on Tuesday, Wu Baoan, a board member of the Bauhinia Culture Group, said the movie fully demonstrates Hong Kong people's positive attitudes and can-do spirit.

He expects more aspiring young minds to engage in the film industry, promoting good Hong Kong stories to the world.

As the 25th anniversary of the handover approaches, many local groups have launched splendid celebratory activities, including art performances, floral exhibitions and carnivals. The city is immersing itself in the festive vibe, with streets emblazoned with red flags, trams decorated with celebratory banners, and parks bathed in a sea of colorful flowers.

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