Song Dynasty tomb discovered in China's Sichuan

2020-05-10 Xinhua Editor:Li Yan

Chinese archaeologists have unearthed a tomb dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) in the city of Dazhou, southwest China's Sichuan Province, local authorities said Sunday.

The stone-chambered tomb was discovered by workers during road renovation on Friday.

Archaeologists speculated it had been robbed by tomb raiders as some damage was found inside the tomb chamber. Several niches were discovered in the chamber, while the niche in the back wall of the tomb was carved with lotus flowers, said Pan Jie, director of the cultural relics management institute of Dachuan district.

"The tomb has maintained a relatively complete structure with exquisite carving. The lotus elements suggest Buddhism once flourished in Dazhou in the Song Dynasty, and the tomb has great value for research on tomb and funeral changes and the development of local religious culture," Pan said. 

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