Finnish-Chinese co-produced film on show in Finland

2019-10-11 08:49:32 Xinhua Cheng Zizhuo

A Chinese cook who had suffered a family accident came to a northern Finnish town to find someone who had helped him, then became the chief cook of a restaurant unexpectedly. His cooking was warmly welcomed by the local residents while his pain healed there and eventually he gained love.

This is the story told by the Finnish-Chinese co-produced film Master Cheng, which is being shown in Finnish theatres.

Hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Finland, a film reception of Master Cheng was held at the International Cultural Centre Caisa in Helsinki. Chinese Ambassador to Finland Chen Li, the film director Mika Kaurismaki, as well as Chinese and Finnish audiences attended the reception and watched the film.

Bringing together the vast and serene scenery of Finland and the profound Chinese food culture, through a warm yet humorous story, the nearly two-hour film conveys the concept that people from different cultural backgrounds could understand each other, help each other and be heart by heart.

"This is the first time I cooperated with Chinese filmmakers and even first time I went to China, but everything goes very well despite the cultural differences and other challenges," Kaurismaki told Xinhua, "It was a very nice experience."

"I know many Finnish people including filmmakers who want to do something with China. I think this film will open the road more, especially as next year is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Finland," added the Finnish director.

Yueh Chun-yi, the Chinese co-producer, shared the same feeling.

"We are glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with the Finnish film industry. Just like in the movie, the collision of two unique cultures brought out plenty of valuable experiences, which give us more confidence to cooperate with Finland and even the Nordic countries in the future," he told Xinhua.

Talking of the film's release soon in China, Kaurismaki said:" It is quite exciting to me. Cinema is an international language. I believe Chinese audience can get the message from the film that different cultures can meet in a nice, positive way."

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