Gala in NYC Chinese community celebrates China's National Day

2019-09-12 08:47:29 Xinhua Cheng Zizhuo

The Chinese community in New York's Queens borough held a gala Tuesday night to celebrate the upcoming 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Hundreds of Chinese and American people in the Flushing Town Hall enjoyed a two-hour show including a variety of songs, dances and recitations performed by local Chinese artists and TV show stars from China.

The Flowery Grandmas, a dance troupe from southwest China's Chongqing, created the highlight of the night with Jazz, pop dance, and Chinese classical dance.

The "grandmas" shocked the audience when they revealed their average age of being over 60, with the team leader being 76 years old.

"Our life in Chongqing is full of happiness and we never feel old. When you keep a young spirit, age is just a number," said one of the team members on the stage.

Li Qiucheng, a 70-year-old Chinese cross-dressing star also from Chongqing, won rounds of applause and cheers as he danced as a swan in the classic ballet Swan Lake and then the young female protagonist Xi'er in Chinese ballet White Haired Girl.

"It's my first time performing in the United States. It's a special experience to celebrate the National Day in New York with you and I feel very excited," said Li.

Popular Chinese songs such as The Moon Represents My Heart, Sweet Honey, and My Motherland and Me also evoked nostalgia from the audience, many of whom grew up in China listening to these melodies.

Flushing in Queens is one of the fastest-growing ethnic Chinese areas in New York, with most residents here being new immigrants from China.

Mr. Zou, who has settled here for more than 10 years, said he enjoyed the performance very much.

"It really shows the local community has put great efforts into organizing this gala," he said. "I totally understand this feeling and share their affection toward our motherland. I wish China continued prosperity."

The gala was co-organized by the U.S. Union of Excellent Arts and New York-based Lam Group.

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