Bionic bird drone developed by China's leading university makes huge breakthrough

2022-10-27 Editor:Zhao Li

"Yun Xiao," a flapping robot bird independently developed by Northwestern Polytechnical University.

(ECNS) -- "Yun Xiao," a flapping robot bird independently developed by Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in northwest China, was capable of flying for upmost 123 minutes continuously at one time, which was confirmed by a professional institute, said the university on Wednesday.

It marks a significant breakthrough in the flapping-wing bionic-bird drone development.

"Yun Xiao" was delivered by the NPU research team led by professor Song Bifeng after more than 20 years of exploration and application in the field of bird flight mechanisms.

The winged drones, intimating the flying movements of birds, have the potential to achieve long-distance flight with strong mobility. In addition, the bionic drones are obscure and portable, and their taking off and landing are not restrained to certain areas, it was introduced.

Based on research into the aerodynamics of birds, featuring high lift, large thrust and low resistance, the team designed high-efficiency bionic wings to facilitate the flight process, Song said. 

Flapping-wings bionic aircraft made by the team has completed more than 3,000 mission flights in more than 20 regions like Beijing, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Beichuan, Yangbajing (4300 meters above sea level), and Daocheng (4100 meters above sea leave).

The drones can operate under temperatures from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, and can stand level 4 winds, light rain and snow.

The NPU has developed other bionic drones with various features, obtaining more than 100 invention patents so far.

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