China's Wanfu Temple commemorates Ingen Ryūki's supplemental title

2022-02-28 Editor:Chen Tianhao

(ECNS) -- Abbot Dingming of Wanfu Temple in China's Fujian Province sent a letter of congratulation on Saturday after Japanese Emperor Naruhito conferred a posthumous title to Ingen Ryūki, founder of the Ōbaku School of Zen in Japan.

This is the seventh title conferred to Ingen Ryūki after he died 350 years ago. It is not only a new glory for Ōbaku schools in China and Japan, but a new starting point for exchanges and mutual learning between peoples in both countries, Abbot Dingming said in the letter.

Ingen Ryūki became a monk at China's Wanfu Temple. He founded the Ōbaku school of Zen in Japan after he was settled there in 1654, bringing the country advanced culture and technology that would influence economic development.

The Ōbaku School has become a bridge to enable communication and cooperation between both countries to this day.

The Ōbaku Culture Promotion Association in Fuqing, Fujian Province, also offered its congratulations to the Obaku School in Japan, noting that the new title to Ingen Ryuki is a reflection of Japanese respect for Chinese culture and appreciation of the friendship between the two countries.

The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic ties, and also the 40th anniversary of Fujian's ties with the Nagasaki Prefecture and the 25th anniversary with Okinawa Prefecture.


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