Comicomment: Democracy free of puppet mastery

2021-12-09 Editor:Cheng Zizhuo

(ECNS)-- The U.S. is set to convene its so-called "Summit for Democracy", categorizing half the countries and regions in the world as part of its "democratic camp", and the other half, undemocratic based on its own narrow yardstick.

The U.S. has been rated a "flawed democracy" for years. A Pew survey in June indicates only 17 percent of American respondents believe democracy in the U.S. is a good example. With raging racial tension, increasing social split-up and antagonism, along with the world's highest COVID-19 death toll, isn't it ironic that this self-proclaimed "advocate" of democracy denies its problems with regard to democracy and human rights to host a democracy summit?

The high-profile "Summit for Democracy" is essentially instrumentalizing, weaponizing and sabotaging democracy, another form of political manipulation under the slogan of democracy.

The world doesn’t need a "Summit for Democracy" to incite division and confrontation, nor a "puppet master" in the disguise of U.S.-style democracy.

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