Chinese epic animation releases poster

2022-06-01 Editor:Mo Hong'e

(ECNS) -- "King Gesar: Trials and Tribulations," an animated movie adopted from the Epic of King Gesar, released its first poster on Wednesday.

The movie tells the story of Jue Ru (young Gesar), framed by his uncle Chao Tong, leaving his hometown with his mother. Jue Ru establishes a new homeland in the lower Yellow River after uniting local tribes to resist the demonic invasion. Knowing that his old hometown is suffering a catastrophe, he decides to forgive and forget, and help his former neighbors, thus starting his epic journey.

King Gesar is one of the three Chinese epics and the longest one, with a history of more than 1,000 years.

It is recorded variously in poetry and prose, through oral poetry performance.

Lu Qi, director of the movie, said Chinese should have their own heroes. He was shocked by the epic when he saw the woodblock printed stories in the Dege Sutra-Printing House while visiting Tibet 35 years ago.

Poster of "King Gesar: Trials and Tribulations". (Photo provided to 

King Gesar is a tale of perseverance and shows no mercy to evil, which should be known by more people, the director said.

Lu said he was also inspired by the art of Thangka, a type of Tibetan Buddhist scroll painting, whose pigments are derived from mineral and organic materials.

With its colors containing Tibetan culture, Thangkaalso represents Oriental traditional aesthetics, Lu added.  The animated movie is a gift to the future, Lu said.

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