China begins producing biodegradable polymer that lowers CO2 emissions by 65 pct

2022-09-21 Xinhua Editor:Li Yan

A Chinese chemical enterprise has begun producing the biodegradable chemical material polyglycolide (PGA), which lowers CO2 emissions by approximately 65 percent, according to Science and Technology Daily on Tuesday.

Yulin Chemical Co Ltd, a China Energy Investment Corporation subsidiary in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, on Monday put into operation a coal-based production line with an annual capacity of 50,000 tonnes of PGA.

PGA can be degraded by microbes in environments such as soil and seawater harmlessly. It can be made into food packaging products such as disposable plastic bags, lunch boxes and straws.

It can also be used to produce materials for oil and gas exploitation, as well as surgical sutures and bone scaffold materials for medical purposes.

Compared with traditional polyolefin plastics, the production of coal-based PGA can cut coal consumption by about 50 percent and CO2 emissions by about 65 percent, and raise industrial added value twofold or threefold at similar production costs.

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