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Beyoncé: most irritating selfies of all time

2014-10-16 17:20 China Daily Web Editor: Yao Lan

Beyoncé: most irritating selfies of all time

Flawless singer and creator of the "morning selfie", Beyoncé Knowles, has boldly pushed the limits of selfie taking into new, unexplored heights of irritating this week.

Beyoncé and her family visited the world famous Parisian art gallery, the Louvre, after hours, so that the trio could enjoy a private viewing of the gallery free from trailing groupies.

Despite having some of the world's most famous and beautiful artwork in their disposal, the famous booty-shaker and her husband decided to take photographs of their own faces.

No doubt some committed Beyoncé would argue that the popstar's face is as beautiful as artwork – but surely Beyoncé herself has all the time to gaze at her reflection while not in the Louvre.

In front of the usually jam-packed Mona Lisa, Beyoncé used the time and space available with Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece to pose with her back to the artwork and in the style of the famous lady: with an enigmatic smile and folded arms. She then took some photographs of their daughter, Blue Ivy, when she stood on an air vent.

"They never seemed to look at the fantastic paintings. They spent their whole time looking at their phones," commented one befuddled Paris resident.

As a result, Beyoncé can now proudly claim top poll position in the category of most irritating selfie taker according to us – a hotly contested award.


作为一名堪称完美的歌手和“morning selfie”的创始人,本周,碧昂斯勇敢地把自拍照令人讨厌的程度推入一个前所未有的全新高度。




站在通常拥堵不堪的蒙娜丽莎画像前,碧昂斯用她所拥有的时间和空间以达芬奇的这幅杰作做背景进行自拍,并且姿态像极了画中的美人:神秘的微笑,抱臂而立。之后她又站在通风孔前,给她的女儿Blue Ivy拍了些照片。




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