Conjoined baby twins separated by Italian doctors in rare surgery(1/4)

2020-07-10 10:39:37 Editor :Li Yan

Ermine holds her twins Ervina and Prefina, at the Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital, in Rome, June 30, 2020. (Photo/Agencies)

The twin sisters were born in 2018 with their heads attached and sharing critical blood vessels around their brains.

Italian doctors hailed the "magical moment" twins conjoined at the head were successfully separated following a very rare and risky surgical procedure in a Rome hospital.

Photo taken on April 2019, shows the conjoined twins Ervina and Prefina. (Photo/Agencies)

Ervina and Prefina's mother, Ermine Nzotto, was overjoyed by the successful outcome of the surgery.

Photo shows the skulls of twins Ervina and Prefina before surgery. (Photo/Agencies)

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