World's longest table banquet held in Guizhou(1/4)

2019-10-29 14:38:09 Editor :Li Yan

An aerial photo taken on Oct 26, 2019 shows a section of the long table banquet arrangement. (Photo provided to

A long-table banquet was served on Oct. 26 to celebrate a harvest festival in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture in China's Southwest Guizhou province.

Tens of thousands of Miao villagers and tourists attended the 3.5 km-long table banquet served by the Miao people.

The event is acclaimed as the world's longest grand table banquet, where the Miao people's unique "high mountain and flowing water" toast, 18 bars of beverages and other special traditional customs are presented.

Tourists followed the lead of well-dressed young Miao people as they sang and danced.

Each year after the autumn harvest, Miao villagers in Guizhou choose a day to celebrate their harvest festival, which is also called the New Crop Tasting Festival. It is the liveliest festival of the year.

The harvest festival of Danzhaiin has been selected for inclusion on Guizhou's provincial intangible cultural heritage list.

Many new features were introduced at the traditional ceremony this year. For example, this marked the first time a boat feast was held on East Lake. While tourists were boating on the lake and enjoying the beautiful scenery, they could taste festival food.

In addition to the beverage bar toast to show the hospitality of the Danzhai people, this year's festival had some new programs, like the high mountain and flowing water fancy toast to demonstrate the Miao people's etiquette. Other highlights included the welcome dance, a Miao sacrifice ceremony, the grand parade of eight Miao branches and other ethnic minority activities.

Miao people and tourists get together before a long table banquet to enjoy a happy harvest festival, Oct. 26, 2019. (Photo provided to

An aerial photo taken on Oct. 26, 2019 shows the long table banquet arrangement. (Photo provided to

Dressed in colorful ethnic clothing, Miao young women greet a male visitor with the traditional high mountain and flowing water toast, Oct. 26, 2019. (Photo provided to

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