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10-year-old girl assaults baby in elevator   

陌生女孩电梯内摔打男婴 疑似将其抛下25楼(图)

2013-12-05 16:47 Ecns.cn Web Editor: Gu Liping
The girl kicks Yuanyuan in the elevator.

The girl kicks Yuanyuan in the elevator.

The girl throws Yuanyuan out of the elevator.

The girl throws Yuanyuan out of the elevator.

(ECNS) -- A shocking video clip broadcast on Wednesday night shows a 10-year-old girl assaulting a baby in an elevator in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, the Beijing Times has reported.

The girl is also suspected of throwing the baby from the 25th floor.

The video clip was exposed after the baby named Yuanyuan was found lying on the ground five minutes after his grandmother had unintentionally left him in the elevator.

Yuanyuan's grandmother has said that she planned to take Yuanyuan and her baby bike downstairs. When she stepped out of the elevator with the bike, a girl aged around 10 walked into the elevator and picked the baby up as the door was closing.

The video shows the girl takes Yuanyuan up, then throws him on the ground of the elevator, and kicked and beat him violently in the elevator. When the door opens again, the girl throws the baby out.

The grandmother later found the girl, who said at first that Yuanyuan was taken away by a boy, and then corrected herself, saying a girl took him away.

Not long after, Yuanyuan was found lying on the ground, seriously wounded. He is still in critical condition. The hospital estimated that Yuanyuan was dropped from a high place and has suffered serious bone fractures in the head and chest.

Local police said the case is under investigation.

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