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Chinese businesses mixed about Kevin Rudd  


对于华人来说,陆克文是一个复杂的人物。在中国流行的社交网络新浪微博上,他的粉丝数接近了50万。单凭会中文,懂中国这一点,陆克文显然更容易与华人社区接触并进一步赢得他们的信赖。然而,情况并非这么简单。 [查看全文]
2013-07-31 10:13 Ecns.cn Web Editor: yaolan

(ECNS) -- Chinese businessmen in Australia remain divided on Kevin Rudd's spectacular comeback as Australian prime minister in June.

As a leader who can speak Chinese and is familiar with Chinese culture, Rudd should have easily won support from the Chinese business community in Australia.

However, what happened is that not all Chinese merchants in Australia maintain a positive attitude about him.

The relationship between China and Australia has been strained since Rudd was elected as Australia's prime minister for the first time in 2007.

"He is just like a star," said chairman of a commerce chamber in Sydney. "We value what he is doing rather than what he is saying."

On one hand, Rudd as Australia's new prime minister has missed an opportunity to rebuild relations with businesses by not stalling the bill to put new restrictions on 457 skilled migration visas.

The legislation forces employers to prove they have advertised jobs locally before they can apply to bring in foreign workers. It also mandates spending on training local staff.

The legislation prompted complaints among the Chinese business community in Australia.

"It makes it harder for us to find skilled workers, even a cook," said a Chinese restaurant owner.

It is disappointing for the Chinese business community in Australia, given Rudd reached out to businesses during his election campaign, that he did not respond to serious business concerns about critical issues.

On the other hand, labor's federal caucus has endorsed sweeping changes proposed by Rudd that make it harder to remove a party leader and give grassroots members a say in leadership ballots.

Rudd's changes will ensure that if a labor leader wins an election, they will remain in power throughout their entire term. Votes for the election of a leader will be apportioned equally between party membership and the caucus.


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