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'Starving' polar bears create online controversy   

网传一武汉北极熊“饿得啃轮胎” 负责人回应:吃撑了

网友“虹鳟族”说,他前天(7月21日)和朋友到极地海洋世界看北极熊,牌子上写1点45分投喂,结果快2点钟饲养员才来,两头熊一共才给七八条小鱼、两个小面包。它们很快吃完了,只能抱着个橡胶轮胎啃。“虹鳟族”据此推测北极熊是饿坏了。 [查看全文]
2013-07-24 13:41 Ecns.cn Web Editor: yaolan

(ECNS) -- Two polar bears who were seen biting tires at the Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World have become a source of concern on the Chinese internet.

A netizen named "Hongzunzu" said on her Sina Weibo that she and her friends saw two "starving" bears biting on tires at the Ocean World on Sunday.

"Though an indicator at the aquarium writes 'Feeding Time: 13:45', the breeder came at almost two o'clock," says "Hongzunzu," adding that "the breeder only threw seven or eight small fishes and a piece of steamed cornbread to the bears."

Duan Xiaoxi, an official at the ocean world, responded that the bears were on a diet, since "being overweight would pose a threat to the animals' health, and that the tires are for fitness purposes only."

The bears were only given a snack, Duan added. The bears have specially designed meals featuring beef, vegetables, and coarse grains at their dinner time.

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