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China, Thailand join in marine research  



2013-06-09 10:01     Web Editor: yaolan comment

Beijing (ECNS) -- The first marine lab jointly established by China and Thailand was launched in Phuket, Thailand, on Friday, according to the Chinese State Oceanic Administration on Friday.

The lab will serve as a platform for both sides to do research in the fields of marine climate and ecosystem, in order to contribute to the protection of the ocean's ecosystem and the sustainable utilization of marine resources.

China will be committed to the expansion of the lab, in order to build it into a world-class lab, according to Chen Lianzeng, vice director of the Chinese State Oceanic Administration on Friday.

Located in the Phuket Marine Biological Center, the lab features marine automatic weather stations and hydrologic observation buoy systems.

The lab will provide early warning services for ocean disasters, and other services related to endangered species monitoring and coral reef monitoring.


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