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Film rating system called to protect kids' right  



2013-05-30 15:08     Web Editor: yaolan comment

Beijing (CNS) -- The China Consumers Association (CCA) made an appeal on Wednesday, urging policymakers to establish a film rating system in China to protect children from violence and sex in the media.

Instead of a film rating system, the Film Examination Regulations, released in 1997, has been used to censor the content of films screening on the mainland.

Filmmakers and theaters screen films without warnings about the suitability of content for children or adults, which leaves parents with no information when choosing films for their children. Some films containing scenes of violence or and sex may not be suitable for children.

To meet consumer demands, the China Consumers Association suggests setting up a film rating system, under which films can be rated according to their content suitability for children of different ages.

The association points out that a film rating system can play an important role in protecting children's right and interests.

It can also help promote the development of the film industry, the association added.


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