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Suspects in kindergartener poisoning arrested   



2013-05-03 10:11     Web Editor: yaolan comment

Shijiazhuang (CNS) -- Two people were arrested Thursday for their suspected involvement in a poisoning that killed two young girls, according to the Pingshan County government in north China's Hebei Province.

The two girls died after drinking a bottle of yogurt that appears to have been deliberately tainted with rat poison, said local police.

The girls found the yogurt with some notebooks left on the road leading to their school on the morning of April 24 in Lianghe Village, Lianghe Town.

They shared the yogurt after returning from kindergarten that afternoon. Shortly after, both were found foaming at the mouth and suffering convulsions. One girl died on the way to hospital, and the other on Wednesday.

A preliminary probe found that the yogurt was tainted with the rat poison tetramine.

The poisoning was motivated by competition between two kindergartens for students in the same area, police said.

The head of a rival kindergarten confessed that she injected poison into the yogurt, and asked a man to put it and some unused notebooks on the road leading to the school.

Further investigation is still underway.

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