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Mainland to set up official center for autistic patients  



2013-03-29 12:46     Web Editor: yaolan comment

Guangzhou (CNS) -- The Chinese Mainland is planning to set up an official service association for people who suffer from autism, according to the China Association of Persons with Psychiatric Disability and their Relatives (CAPPDR) on Thursday.

China is home to over 1.5 million autistic children, and there are only 500 service centers for autistic people in the mainland, said Wen Hong, deputy director of the association.

Most of the existing service centers were established by mothers of autistic children, and nursing staff at these centers are not professionally trained, Wen added.

After establishing the official service association for autistics, professional training programs will be available to cultivate more nursing staff that can care for autistic patients. The association will also communicate with its international counterparts, according to Wen.

The association center will be launched on April 2, 2014, which is also World Autism Day.

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