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Apple, Volkswagen respond coolly to CCTV's accusation  

苹果大众等冷淡回应"曝光门" 江淮汽车股票跌停


2013-03-20 13:54     Web Editor: Gu Liping comment

Beijing (CNS) -- Technology giant Apple and automobile manufacturer Volkswagen didn't give warm responses to accusations of poor customer-service practices and defective gearboxes on CCTV's annual 3.15 report.

Apple China issued a statement, saying, "Our team is always striving to exceed our customers' expectations, and we take any customer concerns very seriously."

Volkswagen, the second-largest automaker in the world, said "great attention will be paid" on the night of Consumer Rights Day.

Under pressure from China's consumer watchdog group, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), Volkswagen said Monday on its official blog on Sina that it had submitted an application to AQSIQ for recalling cars with faulty direct-shift gearboxes, without revealing more details.

By contrast, two other companies targeted by CCTV's live broadcast, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Corp and jeweler Chow Tai Seng, apologized to consumers and promised further remedies.

Each year on March 15, Consumer Rights Protection Day in China, CCTV runs a special 3.15 evening show that takes to task shoddy products or substandard services.

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苹果大众等冷淡回应"曝光门" 江淮汽车股票跌停



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