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Hong Kong seizes smuggled goods   

香港再展开打击水货活动 检获大量奶粉等货物


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Hong Kong (CNS) -- The Hong Kong Immigration Department launched a joint crackdown on Thursday with police in an effort to curtail smuggling in Sheung Shui, an area in the New Territories.

Baby formula, cosmetics, diapers and other daily necessities were confiscated.

Eleven men and six women were taken in for interrogation as part of the crackdown called a "sandstorm action."

Hong Kong has prohibited individuals from carrying more than two cans of infant formula across the city's borders since March 1. Violators face a fine of 500,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$64,400) and possible prison terms of up to two years.

About 630 smugglers, including 10 Hong Kong residents, have been captured since last September. 530 mainland residents were repatriated and 92 put in jail.


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香港再展开打击水货活动 检获大量奶粉等货物



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