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China increases US debt holdings in Nov.  

中国连续两月增持美债 仍是美国最大债主


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Washington (CNS) -- China increased its holding of U.S. debt in November and remains the country's largest creditor, according to statistics released Wednesday by the U.S. Treasury Department.

China's November holdings of U.S. Treasury securities increased by $200 million to $1.17 trillion.

The total amount of U.S. debt held by creditors increased by $31 billion in October, hitting a record high of $5.56 trillion in November. Japan, the second-largest holder, increased its holdings for eight consecutive months to $1.13 trillion in November.

As the biggest bond market, U.S. Treasury securities account for a very important part of China's portfolio. China will change its positions accordingly with the change of the situation, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has said.

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中国连续两月增持美债 仍是美国最大债主



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