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Guangzhou vows to employ more disabled people  



2012-09-04 15:59     Web Editor: Zang Kejia comment

Guangzhou (CNS) -- Guangzhou will launch a series of policies to encourage social welfare enterprises to hire more people with disabilities, the city government said Monday.

Those policies will start from January 1 next year and include financial support, tax relief and other assistance, the government said.

The government said it will "reward" social enterprises 1,000 yuan for every disabled local resident who is hired on a one-year contract. If a company's disabled employees exceed a quarter of its workforce, that company will be entitled to 2,000 yuan per new disabled employee hired.

Guangzhou is home to 520,000 disabled people, 210,000 of whom are qualified for work, but only 85,000 hold jobs, said Deng Jianqiang, deputy director of the city's civil affairs bureau.

There are 35 social welfare enterprises in Guangzhou, far less than the 700 in Beijing and 1,500 in Shanghai, added Deng.

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