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EU votes on anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar makers

2013-05-27 14:12 CNTV     Web Editor: yaolan comment

EU member states have voted on whether to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panel makers. The result of the ballot has still not been announced. If the proposal is passed, punitive duties ranging from 37 to 68 percent will be levied on Chinese solar makers starting June 6th.

The dispute potentially affects over 27 billion US dollars worth of Chinese solar products. German consulting firm 'Prognos' estimates that the proposed duties could lead to over 200,000 job losses in Europe over the next three years.

On Wednesday, a Chinese trade and industry association said the first round of negotiations between China and the European Commission had broken down, adding that the European Commission had rejected proposals of a "price promise." The EU currently accounts for about half of China's solar exports, prompting Chinese solar panel makers to diversify and move away from an over-dependence on European markets.


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