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China still top consumer of instant noodles

2013-05-02 08:17 CNTV     Web Editor: yaolan comment

China not only has the world's largest population, but also the best appetite for instant noodles. The country remained the world's top instant noodles consumer last year, according to Osaka-based World Ramen Association in Japan.

44-billion packets of instant noodles were eaten by people in China in 2012. Indonesia and Japan followed with over 14 billion packets and 5.4 billion. Another way of looking at the numbers in the number one consumer China -- that's close to 1,400 packets put away every single second. Among people living fast-paced city-life, the speedy meal has cemented its popularity. And being cheap, easy to carry and cook, its convenience also makes it a top choice to bring on long-distance travel, especially during the spring festival.

It is also the choice hand out to relieve hunger under post-disaster conditions. As the pictures show, it was a staple for victims and rescuers after the Lushan quake during the past week.


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