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Long road ahead for new energy cars

2013-04-24 15:21 CNTV     Web Editor: yaolan comment

Foreign and domestic automakers are keeping new-energy cars in the limelight at the 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. Our reporter Su Yuting has been covering the auto show and giving us a closer look at what's the public's opinion about the prospect of the development of efficient green cars.

Keep the air clean and the energy green, car manufactures showcase their hybrid and electric vehicles.

Lots of the new green and energy-efficient vehicles make their debut at the Shanghai auto show.

They are trying to attract customers by offering a combination of packaging advantages, new vehicle design opportunities, performance benefits and cost savings.

Some vehicles are equipped with new hybrid powers. The energy could extend battery life time and save gasoline.

People expressed their interest in the alternative energy car industry. "One of the good thing for purchasing this electric cars is that they can reduce pollution,we are saving the planet. " "The reason I am considering buying the electric car because it's ecnomomical. The new energy cars have a clear advantage in saving on running costs. For example, if I drive a fuel-powered car back home, it cost me 0.7 yuan per kilometers, but if it's an electric car, it only takes me about 0.1 yuan per kilometers. It's cheaper and will save money."

New energy cars sound very fashionable. But like many new technologies, these kind of cars face hurdles ahead.

Dong Yang, Secretary-General of China Assoc. of Automobile Manufacturers, said, "It's still too early for all-electric vehicles to go commercialized, because their functions cannot compared to the fuel-powered cars. Right now, the development of all-electric cars is at the transitional period. The prospect relies on the further improvement of the battery."

Some customers have the same concern about the problem. "Problems still exist as it's difficult to find a charging station. It's easy to charge the car at home, but when parking cars at the public areas, it's still lack of the electric station to power the vehicle. "

Using new energy to power vehicles is not only environmentally-friendly, but also change the way of our lives. But it's still a long way ahead before most families driving green cars.


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