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Geely expands sales network

2012-12-10 13:23 Global Times     Web Editor: qindexing comment

"Geely sold 48609 cars in October, a 35-percent increase on a year-over-year basis, spearheading China's homegrown auto market", said Liu Jinliang, Vice President and General Manager of Sales Company of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in an interview. According to him, since the implementation of strategic transformation in 2007, the Group has shifted its focus from "price-oriented" to "customer value-oriented".

The recovery of Greely's sales have benefited from the restructuring of its product matrix and the deployment of regional, local and precision marketing modes which ensure Greely's responsiveness to the market and decision-making in a prompt manner.

Liu also mentioned that Geely has developed a marketing strategy aiming at exploiting the market potential and enhancing management quality to identify consumer demands which can guide their design and manufacturing of cars.

Earlier this year, Geely's sales company restructured its brand marketing framework and transformed its three business divisions, namely, Gleagle, Englon and Emgrand, into three regional divisions: North District, Middle District and South District. Liu believed that the change is more aimed at expanding their sales networking to rural areas and integrate resources so as to improve brand management.

Geely is expected to launch new SUV models next year. Liu revealed that the company has created a plan to produce SUVs in Chengdu but delayed its implementation ever since. At present, four SUV models of different sizes have been in discussion and they are expected to enter into the market successively in next three years. Today, Geely owns nearly complete product lining except SUV, Liu said adding that the future product lines will be updated based on the previous ones but the product line for sedans will not been broadened in the short term.

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