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How to bargain for a year-end bonus(2)

2015-01-16 09:04 Global Times Web Editor: Qian Ruisha

Overcoming shyness

Even if one knows the correct approach, there is the issue of summoning up the courage to ask for a bonus.

Liu Yajun, a creative director who works at an investment management company in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, said he was only given 600 yuan for his year-end bonus. Although he felt he deserved more, he was too timid to ask, Liu said.

"Even I asked, it would have been in vain," said Liu. He said that the company's policy on bonuses left little room for negotiation.

Instead, Liu edited a short video parody about the injustice of lack of year-end bonuses, splicing clips from films together and dubbing over the dialogue. The clip has been viewed more than 127,000 times on Sina Weibo, with many Net users commenting that the humorous video summed up their own feelings of suffering in silence.

"I made this video to blow off my steam," said Liu. "I think I deserve a bonus of two months' salary. I really worked very hard last year."

Liu said that he has no interest in showing it to his boss.

"I don't think he will be angry, because the video is pretty funny, and it's just a joke," said Liu. "But I dare not show it to him."

Jason Chen, general manager of a Beijing-based investment company, told Metropolitan that the issue of year-end bonuses was "very sensitive".

"I can't change our company's policy, so it's useless to bargain with me. A rule is a rule," said Chen. "Nevertheless, I admire the courage of employees who are brave enough to try to bargain for a bonus."

Wen said that for those employees who had performed well throughout the year and felt deserving of a bonus, one of the things that could help in working up the necessary courage was to prepare a clear list of achievements.

"Make a detailed document of the profits you helped make for your company," said Wen.

A bonus for the boss

On the opposite end of the spectrum are employees who have received a little extra money despite failing to meet performance targets.

Sang Jiu, a 30-year-old IT worker, said that while she did not receive a bonus, she and her colleagues were all given raises at the end of last year, even though the office she worked at struggled. She said that the employees could not be entirely blamed for the office's poor performance, which was due to lack of demand for what they were selling.

"Because there wasn't enough work to keep us busy, everyone including me became lazy, playing computer games, chatting online, and leaving early," said Sang. "But we still got a salary raise, and we were all very thankful."

She said that no one in her office asked for a bonus, although she and her colleagues knew that employees at other branches of the company received large year-end bonuses.

Instead, Sang said that she and her workmates are planning to give their boss a "year-end bonus," by taking him out to a nice dinner.

"He was so nice and never scolded me for being late," said Sang. "He is depressed about our branch struggling, so we employees all want to cheer him up."

How to bargain for a bonus

1. Prepare in advance

2. Carefully assess your position and present a logical argument

3. In the negotiation, be sincere instead of threatening

4. Make the conversation between you and your boss private but professional

5. If you are refused money, try to negotiate for other benefits, such as more holiday time

6. Do not mention the bonus situations at rival companies

7. Make sure you have a good relationship with your superiors

8. Do not let other colleagues know

9. Work hard in 2015 to bargain for next year

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