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HK stability vital for development: former governor of Macao

2014-10-12 08:35 Xinhua Web Editor: Si Huan

The former and last Portuguese governor of Macao Vasco Rocha Vieira said that political stability is vital for Hong Kong's development, as well as well being.

The "Occupy Central" movement has undermined the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and seriously damaged the interests of people, said Rocha Vieira in an interview with Xinhua on Friday.

Rocha Vieira expressed concern about the recent movement in Hong Kong. However he is certain such problems will be resolved through peaceful dialogue and discussion.

"The political stability is very important to promote growth and the well being of its population. If there continues to be agitation and violence, Hong Kong will see its stability and development, normal life of citizens and the international image impaired," he said.

Rocha Vieira also believed that Hong Kong had all the necessary conditions to tackle these issues in a peaceful and understanding manner.

"Expressing different opinions is freedom. Freedom is only reserved when we respect each other through dialogue and mutual understanding," he said, adding that only dialogue, mutual understanding and the prudent way of thinking in Chinese culture can help resolve problems.

The last Portuguese governor of Macao said, "Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. There is national sovereignty. So there must be harmony and respect."

Rocha Vieira spoke highly of a great development and autonomy in Hong Kong after its return to China in 1997. He also pointed out that it is important Hong Kong continued to play an important role as a gateway to China and as an international financial center.

Rocha Vieira served as the Governor of Macao from 1991 to 1999,

being the last Portuguese Governor of Macao. He also participated in the negotiations about the return of Macao to China.

"The idea of 'One Country, Two Systems' is a great and original ideal," he said. "Macao was given a great level of autonomy, only possible within this idea of 'One Country, Two Systems'. China has respected Macao's autonomy, its freedoms and its population's way of life."

"Macao has experienced a strong economic growth, social development and political stability," he said. He also added that Macao's development was a good example to prove the great success of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy.

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